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Join us for part 4 of the KLIPPEL LIVE web-seminars

The fourth session of the KLIPPEL LIVE webinar series Acoustical Testing of Sound System Equipment According to IEC 60268-21 will address performing standard measurements in a normal room using simulated free-field conditions.
Part 4: Simulated Standard Condition at an Evaluation Point  The fourth webinar will address simulating standard measurement conditions in order to preform accurate single point measurements in non-anechoic rooms, 
perfect for anyone measuring speakers from home. 
  • Date: Wednesday, 13th May 2020
  • Start at 5:00 pm (Central European Time)
  1. Simplifying standard measurements
  2. Simulation of free field and far field condition according IEC 60268 21
  3. Compensation for room influence, different positioning and distance
  4. Creating a room compensation functions for different types of speakers
  5. Questions and Discussion
More information and the previous webinars are available on our KLIPPEL LIVE site.

Friday, 2020-05-01 11:31 Age: 1 Years