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Green Speaker Design Part 1
Green Speaker Design Part 2
Holographic Nearfield Measurement of Loudspeaker Directivity

Fast and Sensitive End of Line Testing

Maximizing Efficiency in Active Loudspeaker Systems

Optimal Material Parameter Estimation by Fitting Finite Element Simulations to Loudspeaker Measurements

Challenges of Testing Digital and Wireless Audio Devices

Active Vibration Control of Breakup Modes in Loudspeaker Diaphragms

Fast Loudspeaker Measurement in Non-Anechoic Environment

Audio System Evaluation with Music Signals
Micro Suspension Part Measurement
Loudspeaker Nonlinearities - Causes and Symptoms
Measurement and Visualization of Cone Vibration
Loudspeaker Testing at the Production Line
Large Signal Performance of Tweeters
Dynamical Measurement of Suspension Parts
Objective and Subjective Evaluation of Distortion
Nonlinear Modeling of Heat Transfer
Assessing Large Signal Performance of Loudspeakers
Assessment of Voice Coil Peak Displacement Xmax
Speaker Auralization - Subjective Evaluation of nonlinear Distortion
Fast and Accurate Linear Parameter Measurement
Prediction of Speaker Performance at High Amplitudes 
Distortion Analyzer - A new tool for assessing and improving ...
Diagnosis and Remedy of Nonlinearities
Fast Measurement of Harmonic Distortions
Measurement of Equivalent Input Distortion
Measurement of Large Signal Parameters
Measurement of Rub and Buzz
Visualization and Analysis of Loudspeaker Vibration
Voice Coil Impedance
End-of-Line Testing
Active Reduction of Nonlinear Loudspeaker Distortion
Active Compensation of Transducer Nonlinearities
Active Electroacoustical Systems
Adaptive Nonlinear Control of Loudspeaker Systems
Direct Feedback Linearization
Distributed Parameter
Nonlinear Adaptive Controller
Optimal Design with Nonlinear Control
Aging of loudspeaker suspension
Dynamical Measurement of Loudspeaker Suspension
Dynamical Measurement of Effective Radiation Area SD
Fast Measurement of Motor and Suspension Nonlinearity
In-Situ Monitoring of the Audio Quality in Vehicles
Loudspeaker Irregular Distortion from Defects
Loudspeaker Regular Distortion caused by Design
Nonlinear Damping in Micro-Speakers
Turbulant Air Noise Distortion
Scanning the Magnetic Field
Visualization and Analysis of Loudspeaker Vibration
Fast Quality Testing of Loudspeaker Suspension Parts
Combining Subjective and Objective Assessment of Loudspeaker Distortion
Active Loudspeaker Protection against mechanical and thermal overload
Loudspeaker Rocking Modes (Part 1_Modeling)
Loudspeaker Rocking Modes (Part 2_Diagnostics)
Why and How to Test Voice Coil Position in Production Line
Perceptual and Physical Evaluation of Guitar Speakers
Self-Testing of Car Audio System